Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Steelers! It should be a great game!

Happy 4th Birthday, Reagan!!

This is a belated Birthday post for Reagan's 4th birthday. Here are a couple pictures of the birthday girl.

It takes skill to ignite both family vehicles AT ONCE, but I did it

Yesterday, I decided to jump start the Subaru. It had a dead battery because of the cold temperatures recently and because I don't drive it much since I work from home.

Anyway, after the hookup of the cables, it went very quickly from smoke to flames coming from the terminal connections on BOTH cars, the Sienna and the Forester. I must've looked like a crazy person jumping out of the Subaru and then running in to the house to grab the fire extinguisher. THANKFULLY, I had a good fire extinguisher and I put it in a place were I was always walking by it in the regular course of the day, so I'd remember where it was.

The jumper cables were in flames and the plastic/rubber material melted off like butter.
I called Kirk (Fire Chief brother) for advice on how to disconnect the battery cables. After seeing the flames and heat I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, so I called for backup.

I am pretty certain that I had the cables on correctly. However, in the rush to remove them, I wasn't concerned about verification at that time! The guy at AutoZone said it could've been caused by bad cables.

Thankfully, after all the excitement, there were no injuries or major damage. You can see the damage in the pictures. We'll have to replace the Sienna headlamp.

Perhaps our Last Trip to UNC Children's Hospital

Thank you for your prayers for us and Evan last week.
We had a good trip to UNC Chapel Hill Children's hospital on Thursday, 1/27.

Evan's doctor used a lot of positive words like miraculous, amazing, and remarkable. They are happily surprised by the great progress. The EEG was not conclusively clear, unfortunately. It was still a VERY good EEG though. Evan's doctor wants to wait until the 2 year mark of the last seizure to start weaning Evan's existing medicine. This means we would start weaning in July. The risk is that if the seizures return then this medicine probably would not be therapeutic next time.

We are so thankful for care and knowledge of Dr. G (pictured at left with Reagan and Evan). He is truly one of the best pediatric epilepleptologists in this area of the country.

It was great to have a visit where we got to tell them "no seizures". When we gave the medicine dosage to the nurses they would say, "how many times a day?" Only once, we'd say. LOL.

We thank God for His blessings through His Son Jesus. What a wonderful God we serve.
We keep praying for permanent seizure freedom and medicine freedom. We hope that this July we can start the final medicine wean.
Reagan was a good little sister and happy helper. The picture with Lori was taken right after the EEG.

As you can see, sometimes homeschool goes mobile.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Final EEG and Medicine Decrease ?

Tomorrow, Evan is having what we hope is his last EEG. We hope this will confirm that there is no more need for medication and we can stop giving him the last small pill that he gets each day.

We will meet with Dr. G to discuss the results and go from there. There have been no seizures in over a year and his medicine dosage is low enough now that it's probably not even a therapeutic dosage.

When I think about the history represented in this blog, that previous sentence is certainly a miracle to me. Thank God! We have already been delivered from so much grief and heartache. As you know, this has been a long process that has spanned years. We are very thankful for the many mercies along the way.

We are asking for you to pray with us. We are praying for a good EEG result and no more medicine.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Medicine decrease

Dr. G recommended to cut Evan's dosage in half yesterday. We are VERY thankful !! It is possible that we could reach the final goal by the end of 2010 -> medicine freedom !! Please join in praying for this milestone.
1. Seizure Freedom - God answers!
2. Diet Freedom - God answers!
3. Medicine Freedom - we are on our way?!

We are so thankful! We have not forgotten where we have been.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another medicine decrease

We spoke with Dr.G's office (Vince) today about decreasing Evan's medicine again. Dr. G agreed. So, we decreased Evan's medicine again. It was a about a 20% decrease.

We are very thankful for another small victory along the way. The thought of going down to no medicine is a scary and joyous one. We continue to pray to cross that milestone. Lord willing. We must have faith.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all about the Food !!

We used to think that Soy was da bomb. Until this week, that is. Check out this link and start educating (or continue to) yourself on the errors in the modern diet. Here is a another great link.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Raise Boys Who Read

This WSJ article entitled, "How to Raise Boys Who Read" is worth the read.

6 months of hot

It's been a hot summer. It started in April it seems and yesterday it was in the mid-90s still. It was over 80 at midnight. :) We are looking forward to autumn. When will it start?